A selection of images from various days, events and functions we attend…

Our Memory Café

Johnny Cowling - 4th May 2019

A wonderful evening was had by all at out annual Johnny Cowling fundraising evening. The Santander girls were at the event and are going to match fund the raffle and auction. Watch this space for final total raised.

Sunnyside Up - 27th April 2019

This afternoon's entertainers are called Sunnyside Up. Tim and Harry came along with their ukuleles and help us to play along.

Easter nests - 13th April 2019

Shelley from Tesco came in and helped us make some chocolate Easter nests.

Singing with Encore - 30th March 2019

Wonderful singing today by Encore. Lots of lovely singing by these ladies. We enjoyed singing and dancing along with them.

World Rock Against Dementia - 16th March 2019

A really lovely afternoon with Michelle Pluess,with singing and dancing to celebrate World Rock Against Dementia.

Trethorne - 11th March 2019

A trip to Trethorne for bowling and lunch

St Pirans Day - 2nd March 2019

St. Pirans Day was celebrated with flags, pasties, splits, jam and cream, and a Cornish quiz. A fun afternoon, well done everyone.

Valentines - 16th February 2019

Valentine this afternoon, with singing from Steve Valentine. Everybody enjoyed singing and dancing to some of the old songs. Happy Valentine.

Ceramic Doodles - 2nd February 2019

Today we enjoyed some creative expression with Melissa from Ceramic Doodles. Some of us created a design for a mug, others for a coaster.

Christmas Carols - 22nd December 2018

Encore is a group of ladies who came along to sing Christmas carols with us. We had a very joyful cafe today.

Christmas Lunch Trethorne - 9th December 2018

Christmas Lunch at Trethorne Leisure Farm. As you can see enjoyed by us all.

Altarnun Choir - 8th December 2018

Christmas celebrations today at the cafe. We had a party with lots of food and music from Altarnun choir singing Christmas Carols.

Christmas flower arranging - 24th November 2018

Pat Penno kindly came into the Memory Cafe today and helped us arrange flowers for a Christmas centrepiece. Didn't we do well?

Relaxing music with Oliver - 10th November 2018

Today we had relaxing music and a calm time with Oliver. There was a variety of musical instruments.

Our 11th Birthday! - 11th October 2018

Happy Birthday to the Launceston Memory Cafe, 11 years old today.

Ceramic Doodles - 29th September 2018

Melissa from Ceramic Doodles was here this afternoon. We enjoyed drawing, colouring and being creative on paper which Melissa later printed onto a mug or coaster.

Hidden Valley Cfream Teas - 15th September 2018

Had a lovely afternoon at Hidden Valley. A cream tea to start and a train ride around the stunning grounds

Bodmin and Wenford railway - 11th September 2018

A trip on a steam train at Bodmin and Wenford railway, visiting a couple of stations and making our way back. A superb cream tea in a box while on the journey. A very enjoyable afternoon had by all.

Painting Cobbles - 1st September 2018

Andi from Launceston Library came to visit this afternoon, being creative with painting cobbles. Some of the cobbles went home with our clients and others have been hidden around Launceston. If you find any, post a picture on our Facebook page.

Bowden Derra - 4th August 2018

A really lovely afternoon at Bowden Derra today. Firstly a cream tea, then a bar-be-que later with music, singing and dancing with Geoff Provis. A big thank you to all the staff for making our afternoon so lovely and making us feel welcome.

Felt and making bookmarks 21st July 2018

We had a creative afternoon today with felt and making bookmarks. Lots of tea and chat enjoyed. Nicky from the University of Exeter visited, she came in to ask for feedback on virtue reality nature.

Steel Tounge Drums - 7th July 2018

Our steel tongue drums were in the cafe today and we played therapeutic tunes on them. We also were reminiscing with memory games

Musical Afternoon - 23rd June 2018

We had Tim and Harry from SunnySideUp come in with their ukuleles to entertain us. We had lots of fun singing and playing with instruments.

Musical Bingo - 9th June 2018

Saturday's entertainment was musical bingo. We enjoyed some good fun and even a treat at the end for everyone

The Cheesewring Pub - 26th May 2018

An afternoon in The Cheesewring Pub at Minions. Cream teas all round.

Great Cornish Bake off!


Mumbles is our very own mascot bear and he is a very travelled bear who has been as far afield as Spain!…